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Battery Charger
BATTERY CHARGING EQUIPMENT comprising of Float Charger, Float Cum Boost Charger, common components and the DCDB housed in a common cubicle, made out of suitable angle-iron structure and sheet steel of 2mm thickness for the front panel and 1.6mm thickness for the other panels. The cabinet shall be painted in light grey as per shade 631 of IS:5. Louvers will be provided for ventilation, backed-up by fine wire mesh to make the cabinet vermin-proof and dust-proof to the extent possible. Input and Output terminals shall be provided for the incoming and outgoing cables. The charging equipment shall be suitable for bottom cable entry. The following are the details of the equipment :
FLOAT CHARGER intended  to operate off a Single / three phase (four wire)  AC supply and suitable for floating Battery and capable of  supplying  a DC continuous load of for DCDB . The DC output voltage  of the  float  charger  shall be stabilised within +/-1% for AC  input supply  voltage  variation  of  +/-15% Voltage ,and  frequency variation  of  +/-5% from 50 cycles and simultaneous load  variation  of  0-100%. The AC ripple content in the DC output voltage of the float charger shall not be more than 1V Peak to Peak.
b) ††BOOST CHARGER †intended† to† operate off a Single/ three phase( four wire)† AC† supply and† suitable for battery and  capable  of  the following  two  Modes  of operation:
(i)† †††††† CONSTANT CURRENT MODEIn the Constant Current Mode the  boost charger is capable of boost charging the batteries at any Constant Current settable from 25% to 100% of set Amps and the set constant current shall remain stabilised within +/-2% of the set current for AC input supply voltage variation of +/-15% from Voltage and frequency variation of +/-5% from 50 cycles. The DC output voltage range of 1.80V to 2.65V per cell required for boost charging shall be automatically selected by the Boost charger in this Constant Current Mode.
(ii)        CONSTANT VOLTAGE MODE†In the Constant voltage Mode the Boost charger takes the place of the Float charger, thus the Boost charger acting as a Stand-by Float charger in the place of the actual Float charger that might have gone defective. The Boost charger in the Constant Voltage Mode, floats the battery at 2.18V per cell with a voltage stabilisation of +/-1% and feeds the DC continuous load of set Amps. exactly in the same manner as the actual float charger. The AC ripple content in the DC output voltage of the float charger shall not be more than 1V Peak to Peak.

Integral DC Distribution Board : The DC Distribution Board shall be integral with battery charger and shall comprise of the following.


Moving coil  DC ammeter  to read the load current (0-100A).



Outgoing feeders each feeder comprising DP MCB.


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